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You dont deserve my hate [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Jul 23rd, 12 at 4AM]
Hellooooo anyone...
here i lay still and breathless.

hiii [May 6th, 11 at 3AM]
hello lj, how ya been...
im good... madisen, school, work, in love 2011 wooooooooooooooo
facebook me fools!
here i lay still and breathless.

emails' [Aug 24th, 09 at 2AM]
you know I must say that over the years that the social networks have come into effect I have stopped writing and reading emails!

anyone down for being a penpal 1900's style!! wooooooo

hit me up or message me your email!!


be good kiddos!
here i lay still and breathless.

well then [Jul 21st, 09 at 4AM]
Oh how I miss school, the learning process and actually taking part of conversations that are not with my regulars at the bar or my friends that I have.

I lack the motivation to just start again, I know it is not that difficult but I make it out to be. I almost make myself the victim when it comes to this. Bloody Hell, I need to get my grown ass up early again and enjoy the days, my daughters laughter and just the days start to the end.

things are swell, madisen is growing and growing, my family is well and things with Nikki are ever so wonderful. I now lack the career path that I dreamed of ever so much!

I need to find the crayon to color in the rest of my life being that the good part of it is already start!
1 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

recession [May 6th, 09 at 11PM]
how is the recession treating you??
here i lay still and breathless.

100 days, pfft.. [May 5th, 09 at 3AM]
I am still waiting on this so called change!

2 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

deftones love! [Apr 23rd, 09 at 5AM]
showing some deftones love!
here i lay still and breathless.

im getting married!! [Apr 1st, 09 at 6AM]
she said yes!! wooooooooooo
1 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

Roe V. Wade [Jan 22nd, 09 at 6AM]
[ mood | curious ]

Today marks the day where 36 years ago Justice Harry A. Blackmun ruled that woman were legally entitled by the 14th amendment extends a right to privacy broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.
As a man I can not comment to much on this, the only thing that I argue is where does it state that woman or our government have the right to twist the constitution to their own benefit. Then again that is just me, so today lets all remember the children that were never born.
Good day'

here i lay still and breathless.

work.. [Nov 14th, 08 at 5PM]
it sucks when you fall behind on your bills, it really does... this has not happened to me in over a year its just overwhelming... but I should be good after this weekand.. just sucks when you know that everything you work for is not even yours!! blahhhhh...

but hey... im great as is madi and mum... the weather is splendid and well ya...
if its not this it be something else... so im great!!
here i lay still and breathless.

dont you just love it' [Nov 13th, 08 at 2AM]
seriously dont you just love it when you go back and watch some of the movies you grew up with and see what then small roll actors have become...

take for example...
paul giamatti,jude law and well the list goes on...
2 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

well [Nov 10th, 08 at 8PM]
I am wondering if anyone will figure me out'
here i lay still and breathless.

random update indeed! [Oct 27th, 08 at 12AM]
lets see, I have been doing great, madS is so much bigger now and is learning so much and is being a punk at the same time just like me!

lets see, school seems so far away for me as of lately so its hard to get back into the swing of things! I got something going on that will require about a couple of more months of waiting but if it all turns out well then it will be great for me, U.S Border PAtrol!

lets see, the last three months I have been to sea world and San ANtonio! I went up to my beloved Minnesota for a handful of days and Austin as of this weekand for a concert!!

so ya...

here are a couple of random photos!

Photobucket mads!
Photobucket yes!
Photobucket austin!
Photobucket oklahoma!
Photobucket make it mine!
1 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

test' [Sep 15th, 08 at 12AM]
anyone out there aside of the obvious???
1 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

ummmm [Sep 10th, 08 at 5PM]
1 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

why you must not shagg every girl you meet :( [Apr 1st, 08 at 12AM]
so from time to time at work I get hit on, most of the times I just smile and think, they just want free drinks and shit right..

well the other night I had this girl in the bar... she was about 5'9 colored eyes, redish hair, curves where they belong, boobs the whole 9 you know...

well she left me her number and I was like cool....

it was the same night that I had to take a friend home becasue he was to drunk to drive and well I decided to call her on my way home, turns out she had a place in the area and she invited me over.

I was like cool.... I got there and dude I so fell for this chick, she had a ton of movies, her music taste was insane and well she smoked camel light and drank shiner!! I was like NICE!!! we were there talking it up and well it was going smoothly... If you all do not know this about me, well when it comes to woman I am a total jackass but everything that I was saying was crazy style working and well ya it was pretty cool.

She was like we can go upstairs but there is no television so we must find something else to keep ourselves entertained and I was like, im sure we will figure something out.

Half way up the stairs we we already kissing and such and well it was steamy!
we went on about our buisness and well you know, I didnt even put on my boxers after we shagged (which I always do) I was actually able to talk to her and well it was cool.

I left early that morning being that well it was already morning and well ya that was that..

from time to time since then (mind you this was back in like febuary or so) we would run into each other and act like it was the first time and she continued to take me home!!

it was great, no string, sex, oral, movies, smokes and not to much drinking!!
well then came the moment where I almost fell today. I was at HEB with my mum after my game today and I got a call from her... and she was crying... I was like dude are you ok and she was like can you come over so I was like sure I can go around 11ish and she was like alright..
I came home and made a light late dinner for my fam, then showered and left to go see her. I walked in and as soon as I walked in I already felt my heart skipping beats and pumping like no other.... she was crying and for the first time there was no music or movies in the background.

We started talking and she told me that she was 3-4 weeks late and that she had gone to the doctor today and he told her she was pregnant!!
THIS WAS MY REACTION! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! she then told me that her dr is her dad and that he was in the other room. I was like OMG OMG OMG OMG even more.... I started shaking and I did not know what to think of this... I did the math and well if so from the times we shagged the amount of time she is preg is about right.. I could not question her if she was fucking other dudes becasue well she was never really the type I mean this whole time we were dating dating and well we were each others as if already a year or two of us being together when in fact it was a couple of weeks....
Then from the next room her father and some dude came out and sat next to me, I was between them both with her in front of us and they had a couple of sheets of paper, he then showed me a picture of my house, my mum, madisen, all of our cars and my work place, and I was like wtf what are you getting at.....(my voice was squeeking) seriously I was like what are you trying to get at, what is the point of all this...
he then told me, if you want us to leave them alone, you must not let them be part of your life anymore, you must marry my daughter and make a life an family from this mistake of yours..... I stood up and my knees were shaking that I fell right back down to where it was I was sitting,...

she told me, gabriel just listen to them, I went to go out the door when the fucker punched me in the head and then...as I was getting up

the other guy said.....

you stupit fucking beaner!! APRIL FOOLS DAYS!!!


I should so go and write stories for a magaszine or something, seriously... :D
2 tried to look up at the sky, here i lay still and breathless.

the other party.. [Dec 12th, 07 at 2AM]
the other party is right about what?
democrats arent wrong about everything
they are wrong on iraq, wrong on spending, wrong on taxes, wrong on life, marriage...
what do I want to embrace about their views??

The President is most right about, the understanding on islamic fascism!


our biggest threat is the ideaolgy of these terror cells that are not tied to state, nationality, borders or flags!

Permalink: http://www.mikehuckabee.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Blogs.View&Blog_id=597
here i lay still and breathless.

my views [Dec 12th, 07 at 2AM]
be consistant... my compass points north... I can live with someone that says this is what I believe not becasue political winds are blowing this way..
I was missing a father, I struggled to read even to this day, people disagree with my humor but in the end GOD fills all my voids becasue of the strength he has given me. My weakness is something I pound out with fire I have no ill will but I have grown up. I have accpeted the fact that there is a gap in my life and the GRACE of GOD is what keeps me going. I do not care if you disagree with me, just look me in the eye and give me an example of where we as society have failed you, where you think GOD gave up on you. I can be authentic and I can live with the mistakes I have made for that it has made me what I am today.
here i lay still and breathless.

hmmmm [Nov 24th, 07 at 11PM]
I hate when this happens...
I got out of work on friday night at 2 am feel asleep around 4ish...
woke up at 10 to work at 11... then I got out ran some errands came home and bummed it with madi wadi then just crashed out..

woke up at midnight and well now there is nothing to do... :(
here i lay still and breathless.

turkey day!! [Nov 23rd, 07 at 2AM]
I spent time with madi wadi!
watching tv!
watching movies..

I went to the theathre!!

saw hitman, the mist and no country for old men!!

now im all wired on coffee and just being a bumm!!

how was yous alls turkey??
here i lay still and breathless.

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